Saturday, January 23, 2010


By the time we got to Guangzhou it was late.  We got into our room, opened the curtain and couldn't believe the beautiful view!  Our room overlooks the Pearl river and there were boats cruising on it that were lit up like Christmas trees.   Their lights were very colorful and cast a lovely reflection on the water.
This morning after breakfast, we went to the doctor's office.  It was packed.  All of the babies and children being adopted in China by U.S. citizens come through here.  This was in addition to all the local people who use this office.  The kids were being silly as they waited to be seen by one doctor, or nurse, after another.  Last night's flight was the first time these kids had ever flown, so it made quite an impression on them.  So while they were all together in the waiting, room they took turns wanding and patting each other down, just like airport security.  They laughed and giggled and had a great time.  After they made sure they were all properly searched, they turned their new found skills towards their dads.  I had to draw the line at turning over the contents of my pockets to the "authorities".  While all of this was going on, we had to try to keep everything straight as most of the medical staff spoke only Chinese. 
This afternoon was more laid back and we did a little shopping.  As it turns out, our daughter is a girly girl.  We got her a couple of bracelets, a mirror and comb set, and a pink barrette for her hair.  Oh, and also a pink toy cell phone and cool shades.  She was delighted!  She is easy to shop with too.  She does not want daddy to buy everything in the store for her, and seems to be cautious not to want too much. 
One thing she pointed out to us was a DVD called "Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf"'  Apparently this is a very popular cartoon with the kids over here.  We watched it in the room with another couple and their boy.  I'm thinking this might help her to not loose her Chinese back home.
Tomorrow we are planning on attending church. I understand they have an English second service.
Good night from Guangzhou :D

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