Monday, January 25, 2010

Monday In Guangzhou

We had a wonderful breakfast overlooking the Pearl River.  There is alot of boat traffic on the river and it is fun to watch all the different kind of vessels and guess what it is there are hauling.  We then headed to the park with another family from Michigan who adopted a seven year old boy from the same orphanage.  The kids had a wonderful time playing on the slide and teeter totter and we enjoyed speaking with some locals who are learning English by watching american movies.  One young man shared with us his desire to live in America.  He told us his family does not want him to go since he is their only child but he said it is his dream.  I asked him why.  He said he loves basketball and football.  He mentioned the New England Patriots.  We told him the food is much better here.  We love the food here and the way that it is served.  Michaela was watching some people exercise in the park and then joined in a game of hackey sack.  They were very nice about letting her play and she did very well.  Michaela is very flexible we are finding out.  She can sit with her legs tucked behind her head and she does the chinese splits with no effort.  We believe she will be able to put her own sun lotion on her back (no problem).  We are learning more things about her everyday and enjoying the journey.  She is picking up English very fast.  Last night we received a phone call from our interpreter letting us know we had to meet today at 2:15 and bring our passports.  Michaela picked up the other phone in the room, listened, and then repeated everything she said perfectly.  We were all so surprised!  She will lose her Chinese in 3 Months if she does not hear it daily so we have bought her some movies and music in Chinese.  We do not want her to lose it.  Well we are getting ready to go again.  We will write more later!  Please continue to pray for us as we are getting concerned how she will be when we all go our separate ways in Chicago.  Some of these children are her babies!

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  1. Wish I was there to share the food with you, Chinese has always been a favorite of mine! I would not worry about Michaela, for we know Jesus is in control, and has brought you together as family, ya'll look so happy together! We need to just keep praying to the omnipresent Lord for his guidance, as you continue the journey you have been placed on! God bless you, as we continue to lift you up in prayer love ya...


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