Friday, January 29, 2010

We are home!

Sorry it has been so long since we blogged.  We had a wonderful time in Guangzhou with the other families.  Spent our days at the park so the children could play together as much as possible.  Our flight home was long and we figured out that we were traveling for about 30 hours altogether from the time we got up in the morning.  The flight from Shanghai was over 12 hours with the help of a tail wind.  We actually arrived in Chicago before we left Shanghai after flying for half a day.  Michaela was able to stretch out on some seats and sleep most of the way.  We arrived in Chicago and Michaela just looked at us and said one word "Shanghai".  It was very hard saying good bye to the other families and children.  I tried hard not to cry in front of the little ones but we have grown to love these people and the children and they feel like family.  I noticed Michaela looking for the children throughout the airport as we headed to our gate for Grand Rapids.  I thought she might not want to get on another airplane after being on one for over 12 hours but she just smiled at us and got in her seat.  When we took off she could see the lights of Chicago and she was pointing and smiling.  We arrived in Grand Rapids, where Jeff and Pam picked us up (thank you Jeff and Pam) by this time it was about 10 p.m.  We realized when we got home and got out of the car that Michaela had never experienced snow before.  You had to see her reaction.  It is wonderful to see her experience all these firsts.  We believe she had never ridden in a car either.  We were greeted by Dave and Sheila when we got home and a big sign that said "Welcome to America Michaela We Love You!  It was also written in the Chinese characters so she could read it.  Thank you Dave and Sheila!  She giggled and then proceeded to check out the house and especially her room.  After everyone left she gave me the sign for bath.  We got her bathed and in her pajamas and tucked her into bed.  We have a routine where we tuck her in and each kiss her on her forehead.  The look she gets on her face is priceless.  I woke up about 7:30 a.m. to see a little girl staring at me with big eyes so I signaled for her to come to bed with us, she smiled and climbed in between George and I and fell fast asleep.  Got up a little while later to head to Hardings to get some breakfast.  Our little girl loves her noodles for breakfast so I had to get her some.  We listened to some music of Chinese children singing and we let her watch the video we bought her that is her favorite.  It is called "Pleasant goat and big, big, wolf".  It appears to be about good and bad, and good wins in the end.  We were told she would lose her Chinese in three months if she does not hear it every day and we do not want that to happen.  We then went to town and met Jeff and Pam for lunch at King Wok.  Good but not the same as she is use to.  We headed for Little Chick Shoe shop where we bought her some shoes and boots.  She doesn't understand the boots.  We had a wonderful evening with her at home and Sheila brought us dinner ( thank you Sheila).  Tonight we decided to put a cot in our room and she is sleeping on that now.  Ooops, she just woke up and is sitting on Baba's lap as he is looking at pictures.  As we were driving in the car today, I said Thank you GOD! and we heard this little voice in the back seat say "Thank you GOD".  That pretty much sums up how we are feeling.  We are so grateful to GOD and all that he has done and is doing.  HE has given us a precious gift and we cannot thank Him enough.

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  1. Thank you GOD and awesome is all I can come up with!!!!!! AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!


Trust in the Lord and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct your paths. Proverbs 3:5 & 6
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