Wednesday, January 20, 2010

More from Shanghai

As I sit here looking out of our window up on the twentieth floor, I am still amazed by all the busyness below.  Traffic is an amazingly well organized chaos.  There is a two story McDonald's, a Best Buy, and two KFC's within view.  We ate at Papa John's tonight and Michaela really liked it.  We have been eating mostly Chinese and this little girl is a pro with chopsticks.
Yesterday our group went to the Shanghai Civil Affairs office to register and notarize the adoption.  :D  While we were there we were able to talk to Michaela's caretakers.  They told us that she was very popular with the children and would help out with the younger ones.  We saw her keeping track of the younger kids with us.  She would get cups of water for them as they were playing.  Later at lunch she made sure the boy next to her had plenty of food to eat.  Best of all, she really loves it when her baba carries her!

Before coming we tried to learn some Mandarin.  She looks at us and smiles when we try to say a few words.  Turns out she speaks what's called Shanghai dialect.  I guess it's just not the same.  We are doing okay at communicating though.  She has started saying a few words in English already.  The first one she said to me was "fun".  The doll "Ling" is a big hit with her.  When she squeezes the dolls hand, the doll says something in English and then repeats it in Chinese.
We ended the day looking at photos of our family and friends, and she really liked doing that.

Today we went up in the Oriental Pearl Tower and then went on a Huangpu River Cruise.   All the kids had a great time!
Tomorrow we will visit Old City and Xin Tian Di.
Friday we will visit the Shanghai Zoo and fly to Guangzhou.

We are so blessed!

P.S.  Thanks for praying.  We are starting to think Candy's sinuses are being bothered by the smog.

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  1. You are probably in Guangzhou now, Enjoy this little island oasis! I would love to be there with you right now. While the weather may not be ideal, hopefully you can walk around the island and enjoy the shopping. I don't know if anyone told you, but be sure and barter with the shop owners, everything is marked up and they do expect it. Sit and have tea with them if they invite you! Dong at Suzanne's place is fun to chat (and have tea)with.Hope your little one is adjusting well to all of the changes in her life. Looking forward to meeting when you get home.
    Julie and Kirk


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